> Unique quilted hot pads and pot holders. Handmade in Iowa, USA.

Handmade Quilted Pot Holders and Hot Pads

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These handy quilted pot holders and hot pads should meet all your kitchen and dining room needs for hot pads of all sorts. Some are made with Insul-Bright to protect tables and hands from those very hot dishes and pans. Others are thinner, yet heat protective, so they're easy to use when handling casseroles and pot lids. See descriptions for details.


Care Instructions

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Care Instructions

All of our hot pads and pot holders are made with preshrunk cotton fabric with some containing polyester batting, and some also containing Insul-Bright (an insulating material containing metal shavings that reflect heat back to its source). Others are lined with cotton toweling for flexibility and softness. All are sewn securely so they can be machine washed and dried. Machine wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent in cool to warm water. Machine dry on low heat. They may be steam pressed, if desired.



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