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Handmade Purses and Totes

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Our purses and bags are all hand crafted, so each one is unique in its own way. No two are identical! They're posted as they're made, so check back often!

Check out our "findable" key rings!

Denim Cross Body Purse with Quilting on the Front
Denim Cross Body Purse


This handmade denim cross body purse is perfect for tucking away just the bare essentials when shopping. You have what you need, yet your hands are free from baggage! It's made with denim and lined with blue plaid cotton fabric. The handle is about 46" long (total) and the purse is 6-1/2" wide x 11" long. It has a velcro closure.
One Available


Hand Crochet Tote Bag1
Green/Purple Tote Bag
Hand Crochet 100% Cotton


Hand Crochet Purse2
Yellow Purse
Hand Crochet 100% Cotton

This hand crochet tote bag is made with 2 strands of multi colored 100% cotton yarn. It measures 13" wide x 11.5" tall, and has a 38" handle that is wide and comfortable! $24.95
One available


This hand crochet purse is made with THREE strands of multi colored (mostly yellow) 100% cotton yarn. It is very sturdy with the third strand of yarn woven into it. The purse measures 9.5" wide x 9.5" deep, and has a 32" long handle that is wide and comfortable. It is lined with 100% cotton fabric and secures with velcro. $29.95
One available



Denim Purse 2
Handmade Denim Purse with Red Check Lining 2


This handmade denim purse is lined with the red check fabric used for the belt and shoulder strap. It closes with a ring that slips over the button above the zipper. The purse measures 14" wide x 10" tall. The shoulder strap is about 30" long. Nice! $29.95
One available



Quilted Tote Bag in Blues and Beiges
Quilted Tote Bag in Blues and Beige

This handmade 100% cotton tote bag was made with two strands of crocheted multi-colored cotton yarn featuring green, violet and beige. It's a beautiful tote for Spring! It measures 13" wide x 11" deep, with two 11" handles. It is soft, flexible and will hold a good bit! $24.95
One available




This handmade quilted tote bag features assorted fabrics in blues and beige. It measures 12/5" wide x 15" long, with two 25" handles. It's "crafty" and fun and would make a nice gift for anyone who loves crafts!
One available



Handmade Cross Body Water Bottle Tote
Cross Body Water Bottle Tote


Hand Crochet Purse in Beige Cotton Yarn
Hand Crochet Purse in Beige and Sage Cotton Yarn

This handmade cross body tote is designed to hold a purchased bottle of water. It's perfect for hands-free carrying items while walking, shopping, or riding a bike. The strap is about 46" long (total), and the tote itself is about 9" long and 3-1/2" in diameter, with a round bottom sewn to it.
ONE available


This hand crochet purse was made with 100% cotton multi-colored yarn featuring beiges and sage green. The purse is lined. It measures 10.5" wide x 10" deep, with one handle 30" long. It closes with a long button that fits through a slot in the crochet, above the tassle. $29.95
One available


Handmade "Findable" Key Rings

Handmade key ring braided from T-shirt fabric, large...it's findable"
Red White Blue T-Shirt Braided Key Ring

At last...a FINDABLE key ring!
This long key ring is great for anyone who has a hard time finding keys in the bottom of a purse! It has a braided strand of red, white, and blue T-shirt fabric. It's about 10" long. It's EASY to find this in the bottom of a purse! Yet it's VERY lightweight so it won't add any weight to your purse or key mechanism of your car. $3.75
Two available


Handmade keyring from braided t-shirt fabric. VERY findable, red and white
Red and White T-Shirt Braided Key Ring

FINDABLE key ring
Handmade from braided red and white T-shirt fabric.

FOUR available

Handmade findable key ring made from green T-shirt fabric.
Green T-shirt Braided Key Ring

FINDABLE key ring
Handmade from braided green T-shirt fabrics.
TWO available


Handmade findable key ring, made from braided t-shirt fabric, two shades of pink.
Pink T-shirt Braided Key Ring

FINDABLE key ring
Handmade from braided pink T-shirt fabrics.
FOUR available


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